Interested in Helping?

Currently, a number of guests are living in the Khasi Hills, helping in the orphanage, local schools, and local hospitals. The Khasi community has always been very willing to host both visitors and volunteers. We are also still looking for funds to expand the Children’s Village (which, at present size, can only house about 14 children) and long-term sponsors for each Children’s Village resident. We estimate that it will cost approximately $650 a year for a child to live in the Children’s Village and attend one of Kharang’s schools.

If you’re interested in giving time, talents, or financial support to the Khasi Hills Children’s Village (or are just interested in more information), please get in touch with me (caties at gmail dot com) or Dee Idnani (didnani at yahoo dot com).


2 Responses to “Interested in Helping?”

  1. I wonder if you should set up a PayPal (or similar) account so people can donate directly from this page/site…

  2. Hello,

    My name is Devika Koppikar and I attend the Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church in Manassas, Virginia. I am also Indian American, as my parents immigrated from India.

    I was referred to you by Larry Underwood, whom I believe will be coming there shortly.

    I was writing to inquire what type of volunteer/visiting programs you have. I have some time in December/January this year, and am contemplating coming there for a short time to help at the orphanage.

    I love working with children, and am involved with projects with children in the United States.

    Please let me know.
    My e-mail is

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