Who is A. Margaret Barr?

Annie Margaret Barr was a British Unitarian minister who dedicated her life to the Khasi people. She lived in the Khasi Hills for 40 years. In Kharang, the town in which the Children’s Village is being built, and the capital city of Shillong, Reverend Barr already has a number of facilities named after her. In addition to helping the Khasi community spiritually and medically, Reverend Barr actually ran an orphanage until her passing in 1973. Because of her work with Khasi children and how fondly she is remembered by the entire community, we thought it was more than appropriate to give her name to the new Children’s Village.

There is another important person who will have her name remembered in the Children’s Village: Olive Lennox of Rochester, New York. Ms. Lennox blessed the Children’s Village with one of its first and certainly its largest donation (covering nearly two-thirds of our construction costs). The main room of the orphanage — where the children will eat, play, and study — will be named after her.

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