What are the Khasi Hills?

The Khasi Hills is a region of the state of Meghalaya (“Abode of the Clouds”) in northeast India. Meghalaya is bordered to the north and east by Assam, and to the south by Bangladesh. There are three major tribes in Meghalaya, the Khasi, the Garo, and the Jainta. According to Wikipedia (a very reliable source), about 70% of the Meghalayan population practices Christianity, which is unusually high in India. (There is also an unusually high percentage of literate residents in Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong. And, many of Meghalaya’s tribal communities are matrilineal, and do not show favor toward their male children. Basically, Meghalaya is a unique place.) A fraction of this Christian population (about 10,000 people) is Unitarian.

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