How you found me.

This entry is silly.

My blog is hosted through WordPress, which has a statistics service that borders on creepiness. It keeps track not only of how many people came to my blog in a day, but what links they clicked from my site, where they clicked to get to me, etc. My favorite part of this is “Search engine terms.” Remember how my mom Googled “cat as parrot” to see if my blog would come up? Well, here are some other (funny) ways people ended up at my blog without meaning to find it:

  • khasi plaids // fashion // dress
  • buy bricks for an orphange
  • pictures of food for nongkrem dance fest
  • hindu blessing for children
  • “baby bonnets” 1900 photos
  • old india family portrait
  • missionary work
  • baby red pandas shillong and khasi
  • a whole bunch of kids at party
  • parle g ad dr sharmila
  • “jon janis”
  • “andre 3000 & Julie andrews”
  • mike dreyfuss
  • jenn altman-lupu
  • banjop mukhim
  • kimberly scudera (giggles for me, that is not my mom’s name)
  • smita deshmukh
  • sos children’s village scotland
  • guardian angels cat reserve, wayland ma.
  • crossfield elementary gifted and talented
  • langston hughes middle school
  • accelerated schools northern virginia
  • northern virginia steelers paraphernalia
  • montaigne kidney stone // on experience (many times for both)
  • slumdog millionaire philosophy (many times in various phrasings)
  • sano sansar(movie)watch
  • lovemaking in thamel
  • goat sacrifice nepal
  • road washed away between kakarbhitta and kathmandu
  • guwahati to bodh gaya by train
  • guwahati sandstorm flight
  • too huge for her
  • boys love
  • how did india end
  • “hello,goodbye,god bless”
  • + 1 homey 2008/2009

And, my number 1 favorite…:

  • darjeeling travel blood sucking leech

Thanks, all you wayward internet surfers, for stopping by.

~ by cmskhublei on April 25, 2009.

One Response to “How you found me.”

  1. worth the wait!!

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