Children! And a whole bunch more people!

Today was our inauguration ceremony. Everyone showed up late, but then everything went smoothly anyway 🙂 The highlights for me were that our Children’s Village children and a group of girls from the Mawsynjri Unitarian Church sang beautiful songs, many guests came and gave their blessings for our home, and we had a big feast thanks to the efforts of our construction workers and many other volunteers. We also had a fun “after party,” during which our workers played games and football with the kids and the Mynsong family brought their cassette tapes so we could have a dance party in the Lennox Room (the main hall). I can think of few better ways to end a day than with a dance party.

Because I’m super behind on my Flickr photos (I know, as usual), I’m going to load a couple of photos directly here to WordPress:

Family Portrait

This one is the “family portrait.” You can see all of the children, their two mothers (Evandahun and Rilum), and Birialda (our helper and my friend) at the back.

Construction Workers

The workers asked if Nangroi, Dari, and I would take a photo with them. I love these guys. They’ve done such wonderful work for us for the past six months.

Anyway, it’s been a great day! I’m most happy to say that more and more so, the kids are seeing this place as their home.

~ by cmskhublei on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “Children! And a whole bunch more people!”

  1. Wow, those children are adorable. Congratulations on your grand opening.

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