The calm before the uncalled for philosophical storm.

Construction is moving very quickly nowadays, because we’ve attracted some skilled laborers who were previously working on the addition to the Kong Barr Secondary School building. The entire inside will be plastered by tomorrow, and they started to put in the windowpanes today. Tomorrow, Birialda (our helper) and I will start painting the bedrooms and the workers will continue on the external plastering. We also have a couple more floors we have to finish, and then the main two doors to install. We should have the building in shape for all of our kids to arrive on Monday!

Exciting times: Yesterday, I road with a truck piled way too high with our bunk beds. I cannot adequately describe how ridiculous it was. I prayed a few decades on my rosary ring, took a deep breath, and we did make it back to Kharang with all the beds intact. However, upon arrival, our lead construction worker (Request) pointed out to us that the door to the smallest bedroom is 26 inches wide, and the bunk beds are 28 inches wide. Oy. After some time of being despondent about our predicament, Nangroi and I decided that we’d just have to take out the door frame (by smashing all of the concrete holding it in the wall), which has since been kind of fun for both of us.

Our first three orphans have come! Pynkhrawlang, Phlinsimai, and Shongbor are all from Wahmawlein, so they’re having an easy time adjusting with Rilum and Evandahun (who are also from that village). They’re all attending Kong Barr School (two in fifth grade and one in seventh), and currently staying in the small hostel space where Jon stayed while he was here. They’re all very sweet and have a usual measure of shyness. As well, Kromdihok (Rilum’s foster son) has been here for as long as she has been. It’s so wonderful to see the kids coming in! As I mentioned, our other ten children will arrive next Monday and start school at Mawsynjri Lower Primary. All the kids and our two mothers will move into the building that evening.

Over the next couple of days (in between running errands in Shillong), I’m going to write two mini-essays inspired by events and conversations of the past two weeks. The first mini-essay came from Ms. MD taking me to Jowai, where I met two Khasi-American Seventh Day Adventists, and then taking me to a SDA revival meeting in Shillong. The essay will focus on evangelism, which I feel like I have encountered a surprising amount of as a young Unitarian. I did go to Mumbai last weekend – and it was great – and I’ll write about that in mini-essay number 2, which will focus on the film Slumdog Millionaire. Until then, khublei 🙂

~ by cmskhublei on February 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “The calm before the uncalled for philosophical storm.”

  1. Sorry to be a bit dense, but what’s the “uncalled for philosophical storm”?

  2. What terrific success! Three children have arrived and 10 more on the way. Khublei, Catie.

  3. I cannot wait to raed the essays!

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