The next 40 days of my life are near guaranteed to be awesome.

As I wrote in my very first blog entry, sometimes I don’t think about things upcoming in my life. I acknowledge they’re coming, but with no emotional attachment. Yesterday, I had a realization: the next 40 days of my life are near guaranteed to be awesome!

First, the orphanage is opening this month! Because we’re two to three weeks behind on construction (refer to the Bad New Bears entry), we may have to give temporary lodging to our three Kong Barr School-enrolled children and ask the kids going to the lower primary school to come a week later. But, by the end of the month, everything should be ready to for the children and for a big inauguration ceremony.

Second, I will soon be the proud owner of a rainbow-striped-pant salwar kameez!

Third, I’m visiting Jowai today with Ms. MD! I’ve never spent proper time there, and it’ll be fun to see one of the other big cities of Meghalaya.

Fourth, I’m going to Mumbai next weekend to see Smita, my full-time roommate from MATCH! (We also lived with Shelley, but she had a real apartment in the city she’d usually sleep in… You know, one that wasn’t on the third floor of her place of work. Lucky 🙂 ) I’m going to get to meet a huge number of her extended family members, visit a city I’ve never seen, and have some quality Smita time.

Fifth, my friend Dan from Carnegie Mellon is coming to visit for two weeks at the beginning of March! He’s coming all the way out here to see the orphanage, then we’re going to go to a yet undecided excellent location, then to Agra to see the Taj, and then to New Delhi for Holi (the color fight) with my friends. Thank you, Google, for your amazing vacation policy that has now allowed two of my good friends from the States to visit India this year.

So, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m fairly certain it’s the Steelers’ win that started all of this goodness. So, thank you, Steelers, for all of this good luck.

Lastly, a proper update on construction! This weekend, they’re finishing the ceilings and floors of the five rooms that need to be finished for the children to move in (two dorm rooms, two mother’s rooms, and the Lennox Room). Some volunteers from the Kharang/Mawsynjri area are coming to help with painting, which I have also helped with. We’ve decided on February 28th for our inauguration ceremony, and already drafted out a potential schedule of speakers and entertainment. Right now, we’re just working on what we can do about the fact that the floors won’t be dry by next week (thus preventing the kids from moving in)! Everyone out here agrees that it’s nigh impossible to have the children switch schools, so they have to come in this month. So, what to do? I’m sure we’ll figure something out for these two weeks.

Lastly lastly, I keep wanting to write a blog entry in response to some conversations I had with Pip and with Marisa, another American living in Shillong and volunteering for a non-profit group (hers does microfinance loans). I would title it, “What not to say to young white women.” But, I keep thinking, “It’s probably inappropriate to comment on awkward cultural misunderstandings.” But, then I also think, “It’s really not fun to be called ‘fat’ all the time, and someone should say something about that!” The internal debate continues…


~ by cmskhublei on February 8, 2009.

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