Bad News Bears… I mean, Blog.

My boyfriend during my senior year of college was really into this play Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley. One of his first gifts to me was an official copy of the script. When the opportunity came his way, he directed the show for Carnegie Mellon’s non-major theatre troupe, Scotch’n’Soda, for its spring “DoubleShot” one-act play showcase.

Now, Danny is a serious downer. It’s very good, but violent and emotionally intense. I was surprised that Danny was performed second to Molière’s The Pretentious Young Ladies, which is a delightful little comedy. I asked why the happy play preceded the sad one. My boyfriend explained to me that after a gloomy play, it’s hard to bring the audience’s spirits back up to truly appreciate a comedy, so you might as well just have the happy play run first.

I am using that philosophy today for this blog entry.

On Friday, we had about thirty volunteers from Wahmawlein come to work at the orphanage site. Even our two “mothers,” Rilum and Evandahun, came to help out with their soon-to-be home. It was wonderful to see everyone working so hard! While our regular workers (and some skilled laborers from Wahmawlein) kept going with plastering and building the main septic tank, the other volunteers flattened out the whole area in front of the orphanage, cleaned up the window grills, and helped cook a big lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t have paint thinner, and weren’t able to get started on the bamboo ceiling mats. That will be for this upcoming week, along with painting the newly-cleaned grills.

As in-between good and bad news, Pip left yesterday for Britain. This is sad news because she made many friends here who will miss her, but happy at the same time because her family and friends in England have also been missing her. She’s excited about the possibility of volunteering at the orphanage later on, which of course is very exciting for me as well.

The bad news, as promised in the last entry, is that construction work had to be stopped for 2-3 weeks while I was in the States. There was a quarrel at the orphanage site involving a drunk man who was looking for one of our workers. Because the intoxicated man disappeared after this altercation, the village and UUNEI representatives decided to pause work until a full meeting could be called. Work has started again after said meeting was held, but we’re still really behind. I didn’t come to know about this until I came back to Shillong, which, as I’ve told the folks out here, I’m not too happy about. They didn’t want to worry me while I was on vacation, but I would much rather know about a problem as it’s happening than to come back and be surprised by it!

As I may have mentioned before, almost all of the people in the UUNEI are volunteers. This means that almost everyone has another job (or two) to worry about. So, also while I was gone, very little was done for ordering supplies for the Children’s Village because January turned out to be a busy month for everyone. In addition to the construction itself, we’re behind in ordering furniture.

I’m confident in God and things-typically-smoothing-out that all will fall together in the next month to provide a good home for these orphaned children, regardless of setbacks. But, to say that I’ve been in an irritable mood over the past few days would be an understatement.

Lastly, I am absolutely going to miss the Super Bowl tonight. Please cheer for the Steelers for me in my American-absence.


~ by cmskhublei on February 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bad News Bears… I mean, Blog.”

  1. Steelers are ahead 10-7 with 2:46 to go in the second quarter!

  2. OMG! James Harrison (linebacker!) just ran an interception ONE HUNDRED yards (a Super Bowl record, no surprise) for a TOUCHDOWN!! Steelers 16-7!!! oh wait, extra point Steelers 17-7!

  3. Arizona pulled ahead OMG! and then Pgh scored again on a beautiful catch by Santonio Holmes! now it’s Steelers 27-23 with 5 seconds left!

  4. Steelers win 27-23!!!

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