Almost finished with jetlag.

A quick note now before my jetlag’s gone for good and I can write a longer and coherent entry about my trip out to New Delhi…

The Orphanage Management Committee has just been informed by our friend in England, John Hewerdine, that the British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches has agreed to provide our Children’s Village with the funds for our septic system and additional costs such as our unplanned approach road! This is truly wonderful news for us, and everyone from the Management Committee expresses its deep gratitude to our British brothers and sisters who made this possible, especially those from British Unitarian Women’s League who Bah John says raised most of this donation. Thank you all so much!

Before I sign out and spend my evening watching WALL-E with my family and friends here in Virginia, here’s the last photograph I took of the Children’s Village before I left for Delhi and the States:

Here you see a couple of our workers, Trei and Kyntihun, and the Children’s Village with its new tin roof! Khlur has taken more recent pictures in the last couple of days, and it’s looking stellar!

As said, there’s more to come, but I thought I’d get this big news out to all of you straight away! Merry belated Christmas to you all and Happy early New Year!


~ by cmskhublei on December 29, 2008.

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