The Pittsburgh “reunion.”

Big news this week is the arrival of Jon-from-Pittsburgh, a 2008 high school grad who’s taking a year off before heading to American University. No, we never met, though we both attended First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, hence the quotation marks above. Things that are great about Jon include that he’s from Squirrel Hill (or as we in the biz call it, “Squill”), he calls me “boss” because supposedly I’m in charge of him, and he’s already made a joke in reference to The Princess Bride. And, that’s not even to mention that he brought a whole bunch of books with him, and since Sharmila and I have almost exhausted our supply, this is pretty great. Overall, he’s a nice combination of MATCH — he’s about the same age as my junior, Denae — and Carnegie Mellon.

On the orphanage front: We’re still in touch with the S.O.S. Children’s Village about the possibility of having our “mothers” trained at their facilities in Delhi. We’re almost finished with fixing up the road to the orphanage, which will speed up construction considerably. (Jon and I helped with moving stones onto the the road, but we’re not sure if we placed said stones correctly. But, we’ve at least been told we were helpful to some degree, so I suppose that’s a start.) We’ve had the “steel rods,” the main structural supports, shipped out to Kharang, which signifies that the foundation will be started soon. Basically, now that it’s not raining every day, a good amount of work’s getting done!

This Thursday is also the anniversary of the Unitarian Union of Northeast India! That means three days off for all UUNEI-related organizations, and lots of big services and celebrations across Meghalaya. Sharmila and I even have a super-secret act planned for the variety show in Kharang on Friday. Maybe in a month or so, you all will get to see a video 🙂

For everyone back in the States, I hope all of you are doing well in the face of Hurricane Ike and other disastrous weather activities. My news out here is pretty spotty, but I’ve heard it hit hard across the south and East Coast.

Lastly, I’m happy to say that the internet cafe I’m in currently is playing tons of at-least-three-months-old hip-hop, which is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, the internet itself is super slow and I have about a billion e-mails to get back to. O, Shillong internet…!

~ by cmskhublei on September 15, 2008.

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  1. consider yourself lucky. My internet cafe is playing a dance mix of My Heart Will Go On… But it’s one of the few internet cafes with consistantly working internet, so I”ll count my blessings

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