My first work day!

I’ve now been out in Meghalaya for a week, and I’m making a visit from Kharang to the capital, Shillong. I’m (somewhat futilely) trying to sign up for online graduate school applications, but in between that there’s time for an update about the Children’s Village!

I’m staying with the Mukhims, who live right next to the Kharang Rural Center, the site of the orphanage. I really love my second story room, which I’m sharing with Sharmila (see her blog linked at right). The family has been very kind to us, and we both feel quite at home.

On Saturday, I had my first work day with approximately 40 volunteers from local churches! We were assigned to move donated wood planks, large stones, and small pebbles from the road down to the AMBCV site. (Before I arrived, a volunteer crew and bulldozer already took care of leveling the area and clearing a road.) We were blessed with only a little rain that day — and yesterday we actually had blue skies! — and got all of the planks and some of the stones and pebbles moved. I took a few pictures of our volunteers, but…

I’m *slowly* uploading photos on to Flickr, but the connection speed and lack of Flash on this computer makes it difficult. I’ve only gotten 12 up in the last 45 minutes. Oh well, better luck next time!

In any event, things are moving along quite well. Nangroi and I met with the architect and builder, and the two agreed that work should be completed before January, which is right on schedule for getting the children into school in February. We (literally) staked out the land together, so now we have a general idea of how big the AMBCV will be and how it’s oriented. It’s amazing to think in three to four months it’ll be a complete structure!

A last note, one of my most exciting moments today was receiving an e-mail from one of my students at MATCH, Deshawn, asking how I was doing and saying that I’d better visit Boston again soon. That really brightened my day… Not much more to say about that! 🙂

~ by cmskhublei on September 1, 2008.

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